Famous Astronomers

Famous British astronomers

Famous British astronomers

Now, thanks to the BBC2 Stargazing Live show, Professor Cox has increased telescope sales by more than 500 per cent and is poised to take on Sir Patrick s mantle. These young ones come and they go, but he s a nice chap, you know,barks Sir Patrick in his fabulously posh voice. Came on my show once. Can t say I ve seen his, though. I ve been so busy I keep forgetting. Sheer…

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Astronomers Timeline

Astronomers Timeline

C250 BC Solar System Geometry Eratosthenes estimates the radius of the Earth The first steps were taken by Eratosthenes who combined reports of distances, in paces, from Aswan to Alexandria and then measured the difference in angle of the Sun above the horizon at noon (i.e. greatest angle) at the two places. Copyrighted image Copyright: Used with permission The circumference…

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