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It is so easy to join the Society for Popular Astronomy. It will help your interest in the stars, and you will be welcomed to a community of people who all share an interest in observing or learning about the universe.


Don't just take our word for it. We've got the support of top TV scientist Professor Brian Cox, presenter of the BBC's Stargazing Live. Watch the video, below, to hear why Brian recommends you join!

All you have to do to join now (or renew an existing membership) is click on the button below for that which you need. We have a flexible range of options for payment, including credit and debit cards. Alternatively you can fill in a form and join by post! There's also a Direct Debit form (PDF) which you can post to us if you prefer to pay that way rather than by using a card.

So join now and take your interest in astronomy to a whole new level. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Britain's brightest astronomical society!

Brian Cox says

"The universe is full of wonderful sights, from the Moon and planets to glowing gas clouds and distant galaxies. You can see them for yourselves - but it is great to have a guide to help show you the way around.

"The Society for Popular Astronomy has been a major force helping beginners of all ages to get into stargazing for more than 60 years. Join in the fun and let them help you too!"

Standard Membership

UK subscription for 1 year: £20.00, 2 years: £40.00
Additional members living at the same address: 1 year: £5.00, 2 years: £10.00
(if you wish to enrol more than one member, please do so one at a time before checking out)

(If you are UNDER 18 or want to buy a GIFT subscription, please use the relevant tab below)

Young Stargazer Membership (age under 15)

UK subscription for 1 year: £14.00, 2 years: £28.00

Junior Membership (ages 15 to 17)

Adult Gift Membership

UK subscription for 1 year: £20.00, 2 years: £40.00

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