Saturn Discovered

Current Space News

Current Space News

WASHINGTON — An established aerospace company seeks government permission to use retired ballistic motors for commercial satellite launches. It’s opposed by a startup who argues such vehicles constitute unfair competition. A description of the current debate about use of excess intercontinental ballistic missiles? Try 1990 instead. The present-day debate, where Orbital ATK…

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Scientific Astronomy

Scientific Astronomy

Rudolf Steiner Archive and e.Lib [ Buy from: Verlag ] The Relation of the Diverse Branches of Natural Science to Astronomy Lectures Section Eighteen lectures from the lecture-series: The So-Called Astronomy Course. Published in German as: Das Verhaeltnis der Verschiedenen Naturwissenschaftlichen Gebiete zur Astronomie. Dritter naturwissenschaftlicher Kurs. Himmelskunde in Besiehung…

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