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London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos.

The CSCA recently held an internal Strategic Planning Day. One of the outcomes of the day was an internal reorganization to meet the current and future growth of the Association.

To that effect Marc Boucher has transitioned from Executive Director to President and Chief Executive Officer. As well, two new officer positions were created, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Michelle Mendes, the current Secretary takes on the additional role of Chief Operating Office while Catherine Carr, the current Treasurer takes on the additional role of Chief Financial Officer.

Additionally, Dr. Yaroslav Pustovyi, a Director is now the Chair of the Board.

Event News

The CSCA recently took part in several events including the Southern Ontario Defence Association annual Made in Canada Conference, the Ontario Aerospace Council R&T Day: Beyond the Barriers, and the UrtheCast Capital Markets Day (webcast). Click on each link for more information and presentations.

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