Least Massive Rings

Massive rings

If you’ve ever wanted to get Peter Jackson‘s and movies packaged together in one giant box set then you’ll get your chance this fall. But if you want the extended editions on Blu-ray, it’s gonna cost you!

Via ComingSoon, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, MGM, and New Line have revealed The Middle-earth 6-Film Limited Collector’s Edition, which will includes the extended versions of the three Hobbit films:, , and paired up with the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy:, , and . It’s a 30-disc set that is priced at $799.99; which means that you may have to brave the mines of Moria and pawn your Mithril shirts just to afford it.

Even at that steep price, it’s really tempting! Warner Bros. has posted an unboxing video with LOTR actor Dominic Monaghan, offering a good look at the new extras in the Middle-earth set that includes faux-leather books for each film on a Hobbit-like shelf, with reproductions of two of Alan Lee and John Howe’s watercolor paintings, and a 100-page sketch book. In the video above, Monaghan also shows off the replica maps that also come with the set. Additionally, every single video extra and commentary that was previously a part of the extended editions will be included.

Middle-Earth Blu-Ray Box Set

Now, if you only want the movies as they appeared in theaters, there is also the Middle-Earth 6-Film Collection Theatrical Versions, which is available at the much more affordable price of $68.99 on Blu-ray, and $35.99 for DVD. But those will only be 6-disc sets, and they won’t have the impressive extras of the larger set.

Amazon will be offering The Middle-earth 6-Film Limited Collector’s Edition as an exclusive starting on October 4. But both the collector’s edition and the theatrical versions of the Middle-earth collection will be released everywhere on November 1.

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