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Galileo's Daughter: Letters and Essays

In the spring of 1999, Dava Sobel graciously let my students in History 333 "Galileo in Context, " read an early version of her book, Galileo's Daughter. She also supplied the class with her translations of all from Maria Celeste to Galileo. These are the first complete translations of the letters into English and for those who cannot read the originals in Italian they represent an important new source for the study of women in early modern Europe. On the basis of the book and letters, the students worked on projects about the relationship between Galileo and his daughters and produced brief essays by way of introduction to the letters (trying not to duplicate the material in Sobel's book). We hope in the future to be able to link materials in the letters to the essays and to other pages in The Galileo Project.

Essays: Letters:

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