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What do M.A.S. members do?

We enjoy pursuing our various interests in astronomy. All members have access to the Society's dark-sky facility.

Our introductory brochure and our Capitol Skies newsletters provide additional information.

Must I be an expert to join?

No. MAS is an organization of people from many walks of life, united in a genuine interest in astronomical topics and observations. Our members are amateurs with skill levels from novice to experienced observers.

MAS members join for a variety of reasons. Some have scientific educations or careers, some want to expand their knowledge of astronomy and others are just avid hobbyists who want to make the most of their astronomical pursuits. MAS has monthly meetings that include interesting presentations on topics ranging from members sharing their experience with different equipment and how to get the most for your money to the latest in scientific discoveries about our universe by experts in their field. Guests are welcome at monthly meetings. General membership gives access to participate in all meetings and social events, delivery of our Capital Skies newsletter and access to our dark sky Yanna Research Station (YRS). Membership discounts for students between the ages of 15 to 25 are also available. Observer membership grants one access to use MAS equipment at YRS after completion of training.

Must I own a telescope to join MAS or have any background in astronomy?

Absolutely not! Attend any "star party" with us at YRS or other locations and you will quickly see how generous members are in allowing you to share views through their equipment or the club's equipment. If you don't own a telescope and are thinking of buying one, we would recommend you first see all the various kinds of telescopes owned by members and discuss the best purchases for your goals.MAS Logo MAS even has some loaner equipment you may check out as a member. You may also be amazed at how much observing can be done with binoculars on a clear night when experienced MAS members show you where to look. Some of us always bring our binoculars to star parties along with our telescopes. Current members run the gamut in their extent of knowledge of astronomy, but all are willing to share their experience and observing tips.

How do I join?

Can I contribute to MAS?

  • MAS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible.
  • Make checks payable to:
  • Madison Astronomical Society

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