NASA astronaut Scott Kelly

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Century France, when Degas was creating impressionist style masterpieces and explore a rare collection of his work. Our Degas, Figures in Motion exhibition showcases a collection of 74 bronze sculptures never before shown in Asia, including the celebrated Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen. Come and experience the authentic Parisian charm only at the MGM Art Space!

Butterfly Garden is for everyone

Celebrate the season with a walk through the beautiful Butterfly Garden presented by MGM MACAU. Adorned inside the Grande Praça is a kaleidoscope of 160 glass butterflies hovering above an indoor garden and surrounding the breathtaking cylindrical MGM Aquarium. It is the perfect destination for quality time and picture perfect moments with family and friends.

Discover MGM Aquarium

Located at the heart of Grande Praça, the breathtaking 8-meter tall cylindrical MGM Aquarium gives a 360-degree unobstructed view of the aquatic lives. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of every fish and immerse into the spectacular where water meets the sky.

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