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Study of stars is called

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As It Turns Out, Astrology And Astronomy Are Vastly Different.

Astronomy Is The Science Of Study Of Stars, Planets, Galaxies And Other Exotic Objects. It Employs The Scientific Method Of Questioning, And Thus Provides Very True Answers To Our Questions Based On Mathematical Proofs. If Any Answer To An Aspect Of Astronomy Is Found To Be Wrong, It Is Abandoned And A More Accurate Answer Is Looked For.

Astrology Is The Study Of The Movements Of Celestial Bodies, Interpreted As Having An Influence On Human Affairs And The Natural World. It DOES NOT Employ The Scientific Method And Relies On Personal Explanations Of Celestial Phenomena To Suit The Current Circumstance. Its Answers Are Vague And Falsifiable As Ad Hominem Fallacies, Prejudice, Scotomic Description Of Positions Of Planets.
Astrological Predictions Are Based Off The Position Of Only 5 Celestial Bodies Out Of Billions Of Asteroids, Outer Planets, Exoplanets, Et Cetera; And 12 Zodiac Constellations, Out Of 88 Constellations.

An Example Of Astrology's Attempt To Justify Their Bias, Where They Basically Ignored The Evidence, Is The Fact That There Are 13 Zodiac Constellations, And Astrology Has COMPLETELY IGNORED Ophiuchus To Suit Their Hypotheses.

Now, How Trustable Can That Study Be? Not A Lot. Considering The Fact That Astronomy And It's Sister Fields Of Studies Have Made Our Lives Drastically Easier Via Long Distance Communication, Mobile Cameras, CT Scans, Et Cetera; Where Astrology Has Only Asked Us To Buy "Powerful Positive Stones" To Protect Ourselves From "Negative Planets".

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